Read This to Know about Lowest Home Loan Interest Rate

Buying a home is a dream of many and in order to fulfill this dream many people take the financial help. Talking about a financial help, nothing is better than availing a home loan. If we talk about availing a home loan, there are many top lenders out there that offer you the best deal. Talking about the lowest home loan interest rates, there is no denying the fact that with many lenders out there , it is definitely the most confusing task to choose the one. So, today, in this article, we are going to talk about the best lenders offering you the lucrative deal, i.e. attractive interest rate. So, just go through the article below to know more:

Bank of India: Are you someone who is willing to avail a home loan online from a lender that can offer you the best deal in terms of interest rates? Well, if that is the case, all you need to know about Bank of India home loan interest rates. Yes, currently this lender is offering the loan to the applicants at a rate of 8.65% – 9.55% per annum. With this range, it is easy for you to enjoy a hassle-free journey as the lower rates you have, better it is for you in the long run.

Andhra Bank: Talking about this lender, at present, it offers the loan to the borrowers at a rate of 8.75% – 8.90% per annum. With the help of this range, it is easy for you to enjoy the best of the journey as it comes with pocket-friendly EMIs and Interest Outgo. Yes, the lowest home loan interest rates you have, better it is for you as it ultimately reduces your burden.  

SBI: As far as rates are concerned for SBI home loan, at present, this lender is offering the loan to the applicants at an attractive interest rate of 8.75%-9.35% per annum. With this range, you are going to enjoy every bit of your journey as with lower rates, you have pocket-friendly EMIs as well as Interest Outgo.

Allahabad Bank: 8.80%-9.25% per annum is the Allahabad Bank home loan interest rates that you need to know before availing the loan. With the help of knowing this range, it is easy for you to enjoy everything as it automatically reduces the pressure from your shoulder as far as loan repayment is concerned.
Axis Bank: Talking about Axis Bank home loan, there is no denying the fact that this lender offers the loan to the applicant at an attractive interest rate of 8.85% – 9.10% per annum. With this range, it is easy for an applicant to enjoy the best of the journey as the lower rates you have, the better it is for you in the future. With attractive rates, you are going to have affordable EMIs, which ultimately reduces the overall loan burden.

Best Credit Cards In India: Search, Grab, And Enjoy

Want a credit card for wonderful shopping experience or other goodies? Here is your all queries answer should select the best credit card in India and fulfill all your desires without an issue. In the financial market, a different bank can provide various option to choose one as per your needs. They bring all types of services from the medical emergency to make your utility bill payments. To grab the privileges of the best credit cards in India should know first seven ten cards attractive features.

SimplySAVE SBI Credit Card

  • On spending of Rs 2,000 within the first 60 days of issuance, you will get 2,000 bonus reward points
  • On every Rs 100 spent you wish to spend on movies, groceries, departmental stores, and dining and get 10* reward points
  • In a year when you spend Rs 90,000 after that chance to grab the gift of annual fee reversal
  • When you want a fuel surcharge waiver benefits can refill your vehicles with transactions between Rs 500 to Rs 3,000
  • Rs 499 an annual fee

BPCL SBI Credit Card

  • 2,000 activation bonus reward points worth Rs 500 on the joining payment
  • For every Rs 100 spent on grocery, dining, movies, and departmental stores, you will get 5* reward points
  • An annual fee Rs 499

American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

  • On joining and renewal, you will get 4,000 and 5,000 bonus membership reward points
  • On four purchase transactions Rs 1,000 or above every month, you will get 1,000 bonus membership reward points
  • Domestically and internationally you can get discount on booking flights and hotels
  • Rs 4,500 an annual fee

ICICI HPCL Coral Credit Card

  • At HPCL petrol pumps you will get 2.5% cashback on a minimum purchase of Rs 500 so that, enjoy 1% surcharge waiver on vehicle refill
  • Rs 199 an annual fee
  • With a minimum 15% discount, you will get the benefit at over 800 restaurants
  • A month at BookMyShow, you will get a discount of Rs 100 for two movie tickets

ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card

  • For this card don’t need to pay an annual or joining fee
  • At more than 800 restaurants, you will get a minimum 15% discount on dining
  • At a low-interest rate of 2.49% per month, you will get your credit revolved
  • On movies and dining get discount

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

  • In a year you can get 10,000 and 15,000 reward points on spending Rs 5 lakhs and Rs 8 lakhs
  • Rs 2,500 an annual fee
  • With the best credit cards in India, you will get priority check-in at airports
  • In India on dining get up to 15% discount at premium restaurants

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

  • At supermarkets and departmental stores after spending Rs 150, will get 5% cashback
  • On spends made other locations get 3* rewards
  • Rs 999 an annual fee
  • On leading brands, you will get cash back and discount
  • Accelerated rewards

Here’s Why Everything You Need to Know about Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

 Want to avail a personal loan that comes to you with attractive interest rates? Well, in such a case, nothing is better than Axis Bank, best known for offering anonlinepersonal loan to the applicants at the best rate. Talking about the rates, it would not be wrong to say that they play an integral role in the overall journey of an applicant. So, it would be better for you to know the same prior going for a deal.

Keeping this thing into consideration, here we are letting you know about certain things through this article that will make your journey easy and hassle-free. So, let’s not waste any time further and come to the point straight by giving you a better understanding of the same in the article below:

Personal Loan Interest Rates

Talking about the rates, there is no denying the fact that this lender currently offers the loan to the applicant at an interest rate of 15.75%-24% per annum. With this range, it is easy for an applicant to enjoy the best of the journey as these rates make your EMI and Interest Outgo pocket-friendly. Yes, rates have a direct impact on the Interest Outgo and EMIs, that is why, they are always under the scanner. People always look out for Axis Bank personal loan interest rates so that they can have an enjoyable journey. Knowing the rates would be better as it allows an applicant to take a calculative journey.

When it comes to personal loan interest rates, you should be curious about the same before availing a loan. The competitive rates you have, better it is for you in the long run as it not only helps you in enjoying the affordable monthly installments but Interest Outgo as well. Keeping this thing into account, people always give priority to rates so that they can have an enjoyable journey.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A personal loan EMI calculator is one such device that lets you know the exact and accurate calculations of your monthly installments in a hassle-free manner. This magical device with its smart algorithms lets you know the accurate values in the least time frame. This tool, after taking into account-loan amount, tenure and interest rate gives you the precise values so that you can take a calculative decision in the future.

This device, with its smooth and fast functioning, gives you the precise values and that too without any hassle so that you can easily take a calculative decision in the future. This tool with its 24×7 availability online allows you to use it anytime anywhere so that you can take the best decision of your life. That is why Axis Bank personal loan EMI calculator is here to make your journey a memorable affair. With this, it is easy for you to take the calculative decision of your life and enjoy the rest of the journey.

Hope, this article was worth reading for you!

What Are The Functions Of Bajaj Finserv Credit Card?


It’s a well-known financial company that’s why customers can get their services as much as they want. They offer seven different credit cards, which need to choose according to individual ease and convenience.

Bajaj EMI Card

  • Avail two types of EMI card gold and titanium
  • It’s a pre-approved loan
  • You can set payback time that means flexible loan tenure facility
  • You can get instant approval for the loan
  • As a Bajaj EMI cardholder can check easily transactions details through the online portal

Bajaj World Max Super Card

  • You can withdraw the cash from ATM without paying any interest
  • A processing fee of this product 2.5% of the amount withdrawn
  • You can convert the available cash into a personal loan via Bajaj Finserv credit card
  • You can turn all your expenses into their easy EMI’s
  • Rs 2,999 an annual membership fee

Bajaj Platinum Classic Super Card

  • Through Bajaj Finserv credit card, you can buy electronics, furniture, and durables at partner stores, they pay the bills, in the monthly installments at 0% interest
  • The emergency loan facility allows you to avail an instant loan against their credit limit
  • You can get a 5% discount on all the dining spends by exchanging 20 reward points
  • Rs 499 as joining fee

Bajaj World Prime Super Card

  • This can allow contactless payment at a merchant terminal
  • It’s a payment friendly as the cardholder are eligible for EMI finance that means purchase and pay with installment
  • You can call on customer care or send SMS to their number to get instant cash, as you know it’s a pre-approved loan that’s why take and payback as installment
  • You can get six complimentary airport lounge access and unlimited paid access in a year

Bajaj Platinum Edge Super Card

  • You can purchase anything and convert your expenses into EMI plan
  • You can use to withdraw the cash from all the ATMs located across India
  • The available cash limit convert into an interest-free personal loan
  • Rs 1,999 as joining fee with applicable taxes

Do you know should get all the cards after cross check all documents online? These are the best ways to explore in the shopping, traveling and another field. You can get services and payback as EMI according to your comfort level. Let’s know the features of Bajaj Finserv card and also know the procedure to apply for Bajaj Finserv card.

  • The loan amount on the card ranges at Rs 30,000 to Rs 3,00,000
  • It’s not a credit card or function like that. It’s different from the card and pre-approved loan
  • You can get instant approval. All you need to do choose EMI plan and allowance
  • They ask for minimal documents so that a large number of customers can apply
  • For online shoppers, it’s a good option

Know The Procedure To Apply For Bajaj Finserv Card

You can have two option an online or offline. For the offline process to apply for Bajaj Finserv card, you should visit the nearest bank branch and fill the physical application form along with providing self-attested documents. You can also share a few more details like registered email ID, mobile number and a recent passport size photograph.

For the online, Bajaj Finserv EMI card apply process go to the official site and fill your personal or professional details with KYC and required details. You can choose any of the options and take any cards benefits according to your wish list.

Check Out All Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates to Pick the Best One for You

Personal loans are a product for all seasons as they serve most of the financial needs one would have. Call it the wedding funds or the money for any unforeseen emergency, these loans serve all with utmost ease. However, as the loan bears an interest rate that greatly determines the repayment schedule you are going to have, it’s important to compare All Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates before choosing an ideal deal. The article showcases the interest rates of banks as well as several other details that you should be aware of before signing a deal with the lender. Let’s check out all that here.

SBI Personal Loan Interest Rates

State Bank of India (SBI) ranks the leading lenders offering personal loans to meet the varied requirements of customers. The interest rates range from 11.05%-15.45% per annum. The bank checks the income, credit score, existing relationship and several other factors before deciding the interest rate for customers. You can get a loan of up to 15 lakhs at SBI for up to 5 years.

HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates

The private banking leader HDFC Bank disburses personal loans of up to 15 lakhs at varied interest rates ranging from 15.50%-21.50% per annum. The setting of rates depends greatly on the income, job profile, credit score besides others. You can even use your existing banking relationship to get the rates lowered. The loan can run for a maximum of 5 years.

Personal Loan Interest Rates in ICICI

ICICI Bank is one of the premier private lenders providing personal loans to help people meet a wide range of requirements, be it the funds for wedding or education or the instant emergency. You should be ready to service the debt at 11.25%-22% per annum. It would be better to get a deal closer to the lower limit of 11.25% so as to bring down the overall borrowing cost. The bank provides as much as 20 lakhs of loans for as long as 5 years to help serve the purpose.

Personal Loan Interest Rates Axis Bank

Another private lender Axis Bank is a popular name in the Indian households for banking services. The bank offers customized personal loans to different customers at varied interest rates of 15.75%-24% per annum. You can get as much as 15 lakhs from Axis Bank to fulfill your personal needs. The maximum repayment period won’t exceed 5 years.

Looking at the interest rates of banks, you must have got a fair idea of personal loan pricing in India. At the same time, you must have zeroed in on the lender you would like to apply for a loan. However, there’s one more due diligence you should make. What’s that? Well, you need to get a good hard look at the Personal Loan EMI Calculator. Its function is elaborated below, take a look.

How Does Personal Loan EMI Calculator Work?

Once you know the interest rates, loan amount and tenure, your job of calculating the monthly installments becomes easy with the calculator. You just need to enter these three in the calculator to compute the EMI, which stands for Equated Monthly Installments. The EMI also constitutes interest portion, and so, the calculator would also total out the interest that would go through installments.

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Types, Benefits Detailed

Bank of Baroda (BoB) is a premier public sector bank offering an extensive line of credit cards to help its customers shop out a variety of products online or offline. The cards not only help one shop but also enable numerous discounts and cashback on purchases, resulting in lowering the spends. As of now, Bank of Baroda Credit Card comes in four variants of EASY, SELECT, PREMIER and PRIME. Let’s check out each of the four variants and several other necessary details.

EASY Credit Card Having this card means the following benefits to make most of.

  • Earn 5X reward points for every ₹100 spent on movies, grocery and departmental store
  • Grab 1X reward point for every ₹100 spent on other purchases
  • Get a cashback at 0.5% on credit card bill payment
  • No surcharge on vehicle refill for all transactions between ₹400-5,000
  • Spends of ₹6,000 within 60 days for reversal of the first year fee and ₹35,000 a year to get the annual fee for the next year waived
  • Get the card purchase of ₹2,500 and above converted into EMI of 6 or 12 months


  • First year fee – ₹500
  • Annual fee – ₹500

SELECT Credit Card

The card comes with the following attractions.

  • Grab 5X reward points for every ₹100 spent on dining, utility bills and online purchases
  • Earn 1X reward point for every ₹100 spent on others
  • Earn 1,000 bonus reward points per month
  • Reward points redeemable against cashback and other exciting options
  • Spends of ₹7,500 within 60 days to get the first year fee reversed and ₹70,000 a year to grant you a waiver of the annual fee
  • Purchases worth ₹2,500 and above can be converted into EMI for 6 or 12 months


  • First year fee – ₹750
  • Annual fee – ₹750

PREMIER Credit Card

Get ready to be welcomed with premier services using the credit card.

  • Earn 5X reward points for every ₹100 spent on dining travel and overseas purchases
  • Get 1X reward point on other spends
  • Reward points redeemable against cashback and other exciting options
  • Enjoy complimentary travel lounge access, 24×7 concierge program and golf program benefits
  • No surcharge to be levied on vehicle refill with transactions of ₹400-5,000
  • While spends worth ₹10,000 within 60 days to reverse the first year fee, annual spends of ₹1,20,000 to waive off the fee for the next year
  • Purchases worth ₹2,500 and above can be converted into EMI for 6 or 12 months


  • First year fee – ₹1,000
  • Annual fee – ₹1,000

PRIME Credit Card

Struggling to get the approval for a credit card owing to the lack of credit history and income proof? Apply for Bank of Baroda PRIME Credit Card against a fixed deposit of ₹15,000 or more. The card offers the following benefits, check out a few of them.

  • Earn 1% cashback on all spends made via the card
  • Get the surcharge waived on fuel spends worth between ₹400-5,000
  • Reward points redeemable against cashback and other exciting options


  • First year fee – NIL
  • Annual fee – NIL

Why Do You Choose Axis Bank Credit Card For Your Expenses?

Axis bank is the third largest bank in the private sector. You can purchase anything through axis bank credit card and payback according to the convenience. Along with shopping facility you can also get reward points, cash back, gift coupons, and more privileges. Each card can give interesting services it depends on you which credit card can apply as per your needs and use it. For that, you should go through all credit cards features and benefits, then decide one.

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card

  • When you spent Rs 200, you will get 4 to 40 points
  • On online first transactions, you will get 100 points
  • Annual fee nil for the first year, Rs 500 from second year onward
  • On weekend dining only on the selected category of the merchants registered, you will get 10* points
  • You will also get the exciting offers on movie tickets, dining, shopping more via credit card axis bank

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

  • For swiping the card thrice within 60 days of receiving the same worth Rs 5,000 through yatra voucher
  • Yatra voucher of Rs 5,000 would come your way when you spend of Rs 2.5 lakhs
  • On every Rs 200 spent on the credit card domestically or internationally, you will get 10 points
  • Annual fee Rs 1500 from second year onward

Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

  • Through credit card axis bank you will get Rs 200 BookMyShow voucher
  • When you shop at Jabong, you will get a gift voucher Rs 500
  • On every cashback on movie tickets, mobile recharges, and online shopping, you will get 10% off benefit
  • Annual fee nil in the first year, Rs 250 from second year onward

Axis Bank My Wings Credit Card

  • If you are a travel lover, then you will get two complimentary flight tickets
  • With a maximum of Rs 500 per ticket, you will grab 20% cashback on flight tickets
  • Rs 10,000 holiday and hotels vouchers
  • Rs 1,200 need to pay a joining fee

Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card

  • On every spend of Rs 200, you will get four CV points
  • At select airports within India, you will enjoy complimentary lounge access
  • On spending Rs 75,000 in a year, you will get 3,000 bonus reward points
  • Rs 3,000 need to pay an annual fee

Axis Bank Miles And More World Credit Card

  • You will grab 3,000 annual bonus miles
  • Through this card, you will get 5,000 miles as a welcome bonus
  • As a joining Rs 3,500 need to pay
  • Rs 4,500 as annual fee need to pay

Axis Bank My Business Credit Card

  • On all fuel transactions Rs 400 to Rs 4,000, you will get 1% fuel surcharge waiver benefit
  • Twice every three months, you have a chance to enjoy complimentary lounge access
  • Rs 999 as joining fee
  • Annual fee nil in the first year, Rs 499 from second year onward

Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card

  • Annual fee nil in the first year
  • From second year Rs 200, waived on a spend of Rs 1,00,000 in the previous year
  • On loss card zero liability
  • On both online and box office movie ticket, you will get 25% cashback

Have you checked PNB home loan interest rates?

The last date to record ITR is here and everybody is caught up with gathering archives with which they can spare duty. Home credit borrowers have the upside of getting charge exclusion on both important and intrigue sum. On the off chance that you are additionally a home advance borrower from PNB HFL, you would likewise be doing likewise. However, do you realize that presently submitting PAN of the loan specialist is likewise obligatory at the season of ITR recording?

The borrowers who have taken lodging advance from the lodging account organization, you should know PNB HFL PAN which is AAACP3682N. In the event that you have not yet taken the credit but rather you document ITR frequently, you should peruse beneath the duty sparing choices on home advances.

Tax reductions on PNB Home Loan

When you take a home advance, you can consult on rates. For example, PNB HFL home advance loan fee begins from 9.00% and goes up to 13.00% per annum. The borrowers likewise get charge exclusions under Section 80C and Section 24. Give us a chance to peruse how much exemption is permitted under each area.

Segment 80C: Deduction for vital reimbursement of home advance

Under this segment, a home credit borrower can benefit conclusion of Rs. 1,50,000, in a monetary year, from his/her assessable pay for installment towards home credit important reimbursement. This conclusion can likewise be benefited for enlistment charges, stamp obligation and some other indicated installment for procurement/development of private house property.

Section 24: Deduction for intrigue reimbursement of home advance

The finding sum in a monetary year can be the genuine intrigue paid or Rs. 2,00,000, whichever is lower. The house ought to have been obtained or development finished inside five years from the finish of the budgetary year in which the home credit was taken.

For intrigue paid for the period before the house securing or finish of development, the conclusion can be profited independently after the procurement of the house or consummation of development. This derivation can be benefited in equivalent portions (20% in every year) more than five money related years.

A standout amongst the most vital archives you have to submit at the season of applying for a home credit at PNB HFL is ITR. Then again, actually, different archives are given beneath:

Documents Required to Apply for PNB Home Loan

  • Properly filled Application Form with Photograph
  • KYC Documents including Aadhaar or PAN card of candidates
  • Instruction capabilities – Latest
  • Most recent Salary-slips for 3 months for Salaried Employees or Certificate and Proof of business presence alongside Business Profile for Self Employed proficient
  • Frame 16 for most recent 2 years for Salaried representatives or Last 3 years Income Tax returns (self and business) with Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheets appropriately confirmed/reviewed by a Chartered Accountant for independently employed proficient
  • Most recent a half year Bank Statements (compensation account) for salaried representatives or Last a year Bank Account Statements (self and business) for independently employed proficient
  • Handling Fee Check for ‘PNB Housing Finance Ltd.’
  • Self-announcement from the client for family pay
  • Oath on essential stamp paper on Ownership of property if there should arise an occurrence of development or expansion credit.
  • Photocopy of Title Documents of the Property, Approved Plan.

PNB Home Loan EMI calculator

You can calculate monthly installments with the help of PNB home loan EMI calculator. It shows result instantly and then proceed further for the loan amount and tenure. PNB home loan interest rates would be given to you on the basis of your repayment history, income, property value and location, documents (income and property), and your professional stability.

Check CIBIL Score Free: Two Easiest Way To Check Credit Score

It’s very easy to check CIBIL score free through their website or PAN card. Both sites are available and free to use. You can check every six months or a year so that easily maintain the credit score without any fail. It depends on you to check CIBIL score by PAN card or website. To know the procedure to check CIBIL score free, need to follow below steps.

Credit Score Check Through Website

Open the site and fill all your information such as full name, date of birth, gender according to the PAN card. You should provide them all information which is related to employment type, registered email ID, mobile number, residential address proof, and identification. Before you can accept their terms and conditions, you should go through one more time and click on the submit button.

Credit Score Check Through PAN Card

You can open the CIBIL score site through PAN card. Fill the date of birth, gender, and your full name. Also provide employment type, registered email ID or mobile number, address proof, identity proof, and a recent passport size photograph. After submission, you should accept their terms and conditions and click on the submit button. So you can check both wise you CIBIL score through check CIBIL score by PAN card can proof of identification.

For both procedures, they ask your registered email ID because through this they contact with you if there is anything missing in your information. When they verify your submitted information, if they find something wrong or not match with the shared data them immediately stop process your request or cancel your request. That’s why make sure all information should be correct without any fail. If shared data correct as per their requirement then you can get the confirmation within a day on your registered email ID.

Know The Procedure To Improve Bad Score Into Good

When you have a bad credit score, here are a few right moves that will improve your CIBIL score immediately. A credit report is more like a report card for grown-ups, where, the range between 300 to 900. The more you will get a good score, the more chances to get a good deal with the best bank’s.

If your score is less than 650, then you have to work harder to improve the score with following a few steps. You need to push your CIBIL score in the right direction that will improve your creditworthiness.

Using A Credit Card In A Limit

The first thing, you need to do know the limit of the product. Only try to spend that much which can easily repay at the right time. Your unpaid loan or dues can put you down in credit score. That’s the reason you should carry one or two credit cards, not more than that otherwise, will forget to pay bills and that can destroy your points in front of the lenders.

Keep Monitoring CIBIL Report

After reviewing the CIBIL report, you can find any unnecessary error on that moment immediately visit the website and correct it. Mistakes happen, the lenders can also make errors at the time of data entry. To correct the data you should contact the official team within 30 days. It’s compulsory to checkpoints, in six months or a year.

Keep The Oldest Credit Card Account

Many of you can feel if you are not using an old credit card account should close it. But, we don’t know that can impact on CIBIL points. In general, the oldest credit card can earn faith that’s why you can try to keep open your oldest card.

Pay All The Bills On Time

It is necessary you should give all dues, repayment, payment on time. Your this behavior can give a positive sign in front of the lenders. While you are going to apply the bank can see all the data and according to that give instant approval. In a busy schedule lifestyle, it’s quite difficult to take care of all the things, but you have to do it so that your credit score should grow-up day by day.