Using HDFC Bank Personal Loan, I Solved My Financial Problems!

Whether you are facing a financial problem or there is an unexpected need for a fund, you can handle all the finances in a single loan that is HDFC Bank personal loan. To meet your financial problems quickly, HDFC Bank lends you up to INR 40 lakh at an interest rate starting from 10.75% per annum. The fund gets in your account in just 10 seconds of the approval. Read the article to know what are the benefits you could avail from HDFC Bank personal loan.

Are HDFC Bank personal loans easy to pay?

Yes, with an attractive interest rate and flexible tenure, you can pay the loan in 60 months maximum. The bank charges the interest rate to your borrowed amount depending on your HDFC loan eligibility, and using the online calculator, you can find the suitable loan for yourself. Because if you borrow the right amount from the bank, there would be less chances of getting a high rate of interest.

To make a payment of your HDFC Bank personal loan, you can use services like Electronic Clearing Service or Standing Instruction for hassle-free timely payment. Using the EMI calculator, you can choose a suitable tenure for the payment. 

How does the online loan service work at HDFC?

You can download the HDFC Mobile app or visit the official website to apply for the HDFC personal loan. And, you get access to all the online tools and services available there. Fill up a loan application form to request for the HDFC Bank personal loan, and if you are the existing customer check your pre-approved offer. The pre-approved loan is based on your credit history and relation with the bank. So, you might get a good loan offer and at the desired rate of interest if your credit history is free from defaults.

The list of documents and charges for HDFC Bank personal loan!

To apply for the loan, you need to go through the process which requires a few documents and charges. Look at the below mentioned list to find out what you need to take care of in HDFC Bank personal loan.

  1. Processing fee: HDFC Bank requires you to pay 2.50% of your loan amount to process the loan. And the fee is nonrefundable if you cancel it later on. It can range from INR 2,999 to INR 25,000 depending on your loan.
  2. KYC and Income proofs: After the loan application approval, you need to submit your Aadhar, salary slip and bank statement to the bank. Once your documents are verified the bank disburses the loan.

When you complete the application, payment and documents, then the last step is withdrawal. You can use the loan amount and pay your debts or meet your financial needs with the loan amount. To get an amortization schedule of your HDFC Bank personal loan, you need to request for it, and pay INR 200+GST for it.

So, go and meet your financial needs with the HDFC personal loan. And prepay the loan after 12 months of EMI whenever you met with a good financial year.

Does a Credit Score Check Change My Loan Interest Rate?

Yes, you can get a better loan interest rate if your credit score is good. And to know whether your score is good or bad, you need to do a credit score check. There are several credit bureaus online that can help you get the instant score. And some credit bureaus also provide you with suitable loan offers based on the credit score. But the main focus is interest rate, read and know how you can negotiate with your bank or an NBFC for a low rate of interest.

Create an account to check the credit score for free!

Some of the banks such as ICICI and HDFC provide you the services of credit score checks. Using it you can find out the current score of your credit history. But you need to pay for the service. To get a free credit score you can use the following credit bureau services that are mentioned below.

Transunion CIBIL: The CIBIL is an online credit bureau, and offers you a free credit score check for one time. And to avail the benefit of CIBIL, you need to follow 3 easy steps.

  1. Mention your name, email, mobile number and PAN
  2. Create a username and Password
  3. Enter the OTP that you will receive for the verification

This is how you get a CIBIL account and find your credit score by login to the account.

Ask your lender to negotiate the interest rate!

Based on your credit score, you have the freedom to negotiate with the lender. And in what exceptional cases does the credit score work? If your need for money is urgent and the credit score ranges from 650 to 700 or meets the expected loan criteria then the lender can charge a low-interest rate. How my current loan or credit card payments affect my credit score? If you have done the credit score check for the first time, then you need to make sure that your credit or loan EMI payments don’t get laid. Because nonpayment or due are the primary reason for a low score.

How to get score management tips and loan offers from the credit bureau?

You need to pay an amount to get the advantage of the features of an online credit bureau. Have a look at the below-mentioned CIBIL paid plans and their benefits.

Basic CIBIL: To get a 1-month assistance to improve the credit score and free credit score check you need to pay INR 550 to CIBIL. It offers you a score simulator with which you can know the consequences of payment on your credit score. And the CIBIL provides you some of the best offers of loans or credit cards according to your credit score.

Standard Plan: The 6-month CIBIL plan gives you an additional benefit that isn’t available on your basic plan; it is the alert. Whenever there is a change in your credit score, you will get a notification from the credit bureau on your registered email address. 

So, go and grab the lowest interest rate to your loan with the help of credit bureaus like CIBIL and make your credit status high for instant approval for loans.

Does The Axis Bank Online Personal Loan Serve Your Purpose?

Is it difficult for you to arrange funds for a financial emergency? Then get an online personal loan from Axis Bank. The most convenient way to get a loan without collateral and offline procedure. You can borrow from INR 50,000 to INR 15 lakh from Axis Bank at an interest rate of 15.75%. Using the loan, you can meet your finances like a medical emergency or financial aid for the crisis. Read and know more about the Axis bank personal loan and its online features.

What online benefits does Axis Bank offer?

The customer could earn Axis Edge Reward points, you must be thinking that reward offers are limited to credit cards only, but not in Axis Bank. You can have the reward points after your loan disbursal and redeem them for shopping or dining from the online personal loan reward catalog. But how are the points collected? You can get the points based on your loan amount so have a look at the below-mentioned reward points.

  1. 150 points for loan less than or equal to INR 3 lakh
  2. 300 points if your online personal loan ranges above INR 3 lakh and less than or equal to INR 5 lakh
  3. 450 points on loan above INR 5 lakh

You can log in to your account and redeem the points online for gift vouchers, online shopping, etc. 

Compute your EMI via Online personal loan calculator!

You can pay the online personal loan in equated monthly installments and can take the help of the Axis bank online calculator to set a payment schedule. Just visit the Axis Bank website and enter your loan, interest rate and tenure inside the calculator. Once the details have been mentioned your EMI is generated less than a few seconds. 

Suppose, you have a loan of INR 8 lakh and the interest rate is 16.09%, then using the online personal loan calculator by Axis Bank you could generate the EMI. With the help of which you can change the EMI and get suitable payment options. The EMI of the mentioned amount would be of INR 19,894. 

Transfer your existing debts to Axis Bank personal loan!

Once you have the approval of a loan from Axis Bank, then you can reduce the burden of high debts and manage your financial situation. By getting the advantage of the online personal loan you could transfer your other EMIs and consolidate it with the Axis Bank loan. It makes your payment hassle-free and you don’t need to be worried about the scheduled EMI of several loans. So go and get your loan today and manage every financial situation smoothly. It takes hardly 30 days for the online personal loan to disburse in the account. And during this period the borrower has to submit the documents, pay the processing fee and need to submit the ECS or Standing Instruction request forms. 

The user has the freedom to foreclose the loan early whenever he/she needs to with zero charges on the prepayment of the loan. Now, every single service of the loan can be managed online without stepping out of the doors with Axis bank online personal loan service.

DSP Mutual Fund Is An Investment For The Future!

Investments which are performing the best in the market are mutual funds. And if you want to give it a try for your earning then DSP Mutual fund is best suited. DSP Mutual fund with its excellent fund performance over the past two years, has provided a wide range of schemes for you. And it could be easy for you to get the best returns if you invest in the scheme of your choice. Read and know about the best schemes of the DSP mutual fund and their benefits. 

DSP Focus Fund for planned and best returns!

A mutual fund scheme that is offered by the DSP mutual fund that can beat your fixed income rates is DSP Focus fund, in this scheme your returns are based on market stocks. The fund manager invests your assets in company stocks to provide you with better returns as per the market rates. This multi-cap fund is beneficial for you in yielding the returns from a long term investment. The best way to get the tax saving from a mutual fund is this scheme. DSP mutual fund NAV of the scheme is INR 17.50 as per data of Value Research on 31st March, 2020.

You can start an investment in the scheme via SIP or lump sum feature of the AMC. And just wait for your returns at the end of the scheme. Because your DSP mutual funds are allocated and managed by expert advisors whose market knowledge brings the returns as per the expectations.

From how much should I start investing?

If you are new to the investing world and don’t want to risk your fund, then you can start slow with an investment amount of INR 500. Using a SIP, you could learn the investment tactics and start investing more in the scheme for better returns. To start an investment via SIP you just have to choose a date for which the amount would be debited from your account. And in SIP you get the freedom to invest in a DSP mutual fund on a week, month, quarter or year. The fluctuation in the market rates affect your fund performance and helps in earning better returns.

You can stop the investment whenever you wish to by redeeming your funds. But make sure if you redeem the funds before 12 months a 1% exit load is chargeable. You can pay the exit load to the AMC and close the scheme.

What advantages does a DSP mutual fund provide?

You can earn the returns you had always wished for from your fixed deposits and other investments. The volatile nature of the mutual funds can give unexpected returns to your investment and make your earnings better. As the aim of the DSP focus fund is to create capital appreciation for a long term investment. And in mutual funds, you need to give sufficient time for the better outcome, as elders say, for the best you need to wait. Your wait could be worthwhile with the DSP mutual fund, so don’t wait more and start your investment. The user can take advice from his financial advisor in selecting the right fund for himself based on his goal or future plan.

Are The Fixed Deposit Rates By Bank of Baroda Best In India?

The unknown emergencies can come from anywhere in the world, and the only thing you can do for this is preparation. Nothing better than a fixed deposit is for financial security. And Bank of Baroda FD rates in India are the best for your investment. You must read about the FD and their benefits before, but do you ever focus on the features of a fixed deposit? If not, read the article and know about the Bank of Baroda fixed deposits.

Types of Bank of Baroda fixed deposit!

To start a long term of investment, you can invest in the Bank Of Baroda long term schemes. They allow the user to invest for a minimum period of 60 months and the amount of investment starts from INR 5,000. Look at the below-mentioned schemes and their effect on your FD rates in India.

Baroda Advantage fixed deposits: For a head start in the fixed deposit, you can use this Ban Of Baroda fixed deposit scheme. It offers you to invest INR 15,01,000 in the FD with no maximum limit. The duration of the FD scheme is up to 5 years.

BOB Suvidha Fixed Deposit: This fixed deposit scheme opens with a minimum amount of INR 5,000. And the fixed deposit rates are calculated half yearly. The duration of the scheme is 5 years and you can renew it if you want to. 

Regular Income Plan: If the aim is to increase the income with a fixed deposit, then this scheme is most relevant for you. Because you can open a fixed deposit with Bank Of Baroda at INR 1,000. And you can get the investment tenure of 10 years in this scheme where the FD rate in India is credited every quarter.

Does my fixed deposit rates change with the amount?

Yes, if the deposit amount increases after a period, then the fixed deposit rates would surely change with it. For example, if your investment amount is less than INR 2 crore then for a year above investment Bank OF Baroda provides you 5.90% to 6.00%FD rates in India. But for the same duration, you may not be able to get the FD rates if your deposit reaches above INR 2 crore mark. So, to get the right fixed deposit rates on your investment you must choose the duration and amount accordingly.

Start a fixed deposit online at Bank of Baroda!

You can download the forms from Bank Of Baroda website and fill it with your details and income proof. Once the details are provided you need to submit the form to your nearest Bank Of Baroda branch with your KYC and Income proof documents like Aadhar, PAN, Salary slip, form 16, etc. After the approval of the bank, you can start investing in your FD account. With the help of Standing instruction, you can start the deposit in the account. You can also use the ECS service to transfer your funds from your salary to your FD account. So, enjoy the FD rates in India with Bank of Baroda attractive fixed deposit rates.

Experian Credit Score Check Is Easy And Accurate!

Aren’t you aware of the credit score and need instant help to improve it? Then there is only one solution for this and it is Experian. The online credit bureau helps you get a free Experian credit score check. A credit score of 700 or above needs to be maintained by the users and they can do so with an Experian account. Read and know how to create an Experian account and what are its advantages for you. 

How do I get a free credit score?

To find your credit score, you need to have an Experian account, and for this, you need to follow a simple procedure that is as follows.

  1. Menton details: In this first step you are required to provide the details such as name, mobile number and Aadhar number. After that enter your email and select a password for your account.
  2. Verification Process: Then the credit bureau verifies your details and takes you to the next step which is payment. For the verification, you need to enter the one time password which is sent to your mail or number.
  3. Pay or not to: You decide to choose the Experian plan and can pay for it after the 30 days trial. In which you get a free credit report and free Experian credit score check service.

Advantage of free credit report to your score!

Using a copy of your free credit report from Experian, you can indulge in score improvement and pay your dues which are affecting your score. Although if the reason for your score is not paid, then you can look for the errors in your report. What could improvement of score lead to? You can get a good credit score and with it, you can grab the best loan or credit card. The reasons by which your score is low are mentioned below.

  • High credit utilization above the credit limit without payment
  • No payment of the loan EMIs
  • Loan rejection due to low credit score

So try to avoid these things if your credit score was improved with the Experian help.and do the  Experian credit score check for free until the free subscription is over. And after that pay for the paid plan to continue the credit bureau benefits.

What can I get with a healthy credit score?

You can get the power to negotiate for your loan interest rate with the bank or financial institution when your score is high. Also, you can get the credit card approved instantly if the score is good. Because a healthy credit makes you a credible applicant for a loan or credit card. And the vice versa would be the case if your score is low. So get the best credit score check at Experian and remove errors from your credit report and get the score you want.

Every bank or NBFC charges a fee for your credit check to know your credibility. And if you have support from the Experian credit bureau, then you can never get the loan rejected due to a bad credit score. From now on whenever you get to borrow a loan or credit card then check your free credit report from Experian for hassle-free service.

PNB Personal Loan For Doctors

The people who help us must have their own financial needs and for them, PNB provides a personal loan. With the help of PNB personal loans, professional doctors can meet the needs like to get the latest equipment for their clinic, and renovation of the clinic. Read this article and know by what way the PNB personal loan helps the doctors. 

Get a loan of your desire from PNB!

You can borrow from INR 2 lakh to 20 times of your net income whichever amount is suitable according to your needs. The PNB personal loan interest rate is based on the Repo Linked lending Rate that is 7.80%. And the effective rate of interest on your borrowed amount starts from 9.95% per annum. The rate can be low or high based on your loan eligibility. You can apply for a PNB personal loan if you have the qualification of MBBS or BDS and have been practicing for more than 3 years professionally.

If you have an annual income of INR 5 lakh the bank approves your loan otherwise, you aren’t able to get a PNB personal loan.

Can I add a guarantor or collateral to my PNB personal loan?

Yes, you can make your loan secure if you aren’t able to meet the loan eligibility criteria and this can be done easily by adding a co-applicant. The guarantor doesn’t need to be a doctor by profession. Any individual who has a regular income can be your guarantor for PNB personal loan. Or if you aren’t able to get a guarantor for your loan, you can offer tangible collateral to the bank, and can release the collateral after the loan payment. The borrower gets 7 years maximum from the bank for the payment of the loan amount and the charged interest rate.

Apply for PNB personal loan and meet your finances!

To apply for the loan, visit the PNB official website and fill up an online application form. You can fill-up the form and submit the KYC and income proof to the bank. And for the documentation process, the bank charges a fee of INR 425 from the customer. With the affordable charges on your loan, it would be easier for you to manage it and meet the needs. You have to pay a processing fee for your PNB personal loan that is 0.90% of your borrowed amount and a 1% GST applies to it.

PNB bank takes care of the Doctors financial requirement who take care of the common people by serving them. So there’s PNB for you whenever you have a shortage of funds, apply for PNB personal loan today and solve all your financial problems with it.

You can pay the loan in equated monthly installment using the banking services such as ECS, Standing Instruction and PDCs. The EMI is auto-debit from your bank accounts if you use the ECS service by which the EMI is debited from your account before the due date. And to reduce the PNB personal loan interest rate burden from your loan, you can prepay the loan as there are no prepayment charges levied against your prepayment of PB personal loan.

How GST Rate In India On My Loan Is Helpful?

The government charges GST on every single product from a pack of Matchstick to Car oils and so on your loan products. Every bank or NBFC charges a GST rate on your loan. And to be aware of it is very crucial for you. Because some lenders fraud the customers by charging a high GST rate. Read the article and know about the GST rate in India for loans.

What is the GST rate in India for a loan?

According to the Reserve Bank Of India, an 18% of GST rate is fixed on every loan from secured to unsecured loans. You can pay the GST rate on your loan processing fee, late payment charge, and EMIs via the payment service only. The added GST rate is mentioned on your EMI schedule which you will receive after your loan sanction on your registered address.

Suppose, if you have borrowed INR 25 lakh at an interest rate of 12.25% for 12 years for home renovation. Then the computed EMI amount would be INR 33,215 and after the GST rate in India of home loan, your payable EMI is INR 39193.7.

How EMI payment is made for a loan?

For the equated monthly installment, you can use the banking service of Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) with the help of which you can debit the EMI amount from any bank account. You need to submit the ECS mandate along with the loan application form and other documents. So, that amount is auto-debit from your bank account. For swapping the payment method later, swapping charge of minimum INR 500 is payable. 

And those customers who need to make the payment via offline method only without getting liable for any payment service can use a post-dated cheque. You can submit the cheque to the bank branch or NBFC. There are lesser chances of any late payment on cheques or ECS. so, pay the GST charge of your loan, so you aren’t liable for any due charges later on.

Apply for a loan to meet your needs!

You can apply for a loan from a bank or NBFC and do financial aid for your problems. And the interest rate charged to your loan amount is low or high based on your credit history. For a good credit history, you must make payment for your loan timely without delay. So, make the right calculation for your borrowed amount with the GST rate in India for loan and pay your loan EMIs with the suitable method of payment.

The user can also take help from his or her bank representative in getting the loan approved faster and quicker if they have an existing relationship with the bank. Now, your every payment is smoother and affordable with the attractive GST rate on your borrowed amount. And get up to date with your EMIs GST charges using the scheduled report that is offered to you by bank or NBFC.You can take help from the bank or NBFC for any query related to your loan via the customer care numbers and their online services.

How The Citi bank Credit Card Payment Is Processed Online?

To pay your Citibank credit card bills, you don’t need to go anywhere. The bank offers you easy online services with which you can make the Citi bank credit card payment from your home. Citibank with a wide range of credit cards gives the same benefit of payment services. Read the article further and know about the credit card payment services of Citibank.

Advantage of hassle-free payment for Citibank customers!

If you are a customer of Citibank and have a savings, current or salary account with the bank, you can use any of them for the payment. Using the Standing Instruction service, you can easily pay the monthly bills and the outstanding due payments of your card. Just select your Citibank credit card 16 digit number, and confirm it by entering the OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number. Once the registration is completed, you can make payment for your bills online.

The user can also make their Citi bank credit card payment a lot easier by using the Mobile banking app. You can download the Citi Mobile app on your mobile for making your banking experience easy and useful. 

How to use E-pay for Citi bank credit card payment?

You can use the E-pay service of Citibank with which you can pay the credit card bills online with any bank account. It is not necessary to have a relation with Citibank for the payment. The benefit of online payment service helps you make the credit score better and improve your credibility. It happens so if you don’t have debts on your credit card bills. Or if you have other credit card bills then you can transfer it to the Citibank credit card to consolidate the bills. You can make Citi bank credit card payment via E-pay following 4 easy steps.


  • Visit Citibank portal: Go to the official Citibank website and select “E-pay” for your credit card payment.
  • Enter number: The next step is to mention the credit card number.
  • Select Bank: After that, you need to select the bank and mention the account number from which the bill would be debited for your Citi bank credit card payment.
  • Confirm payment: Then you need to confirm the payment by login to your account and verify the details,


What benefit could I get with Citi bank credit card Payment?

The cardholder gets the benefit of privileges and reward offers on their Citibank credit card. And after making the payment they can enjoy it without any worry of payments. The late payment charge can be avoided easily by using the mentioned payment services, and if you use the Standing Instruction your payment is processed quickly. Whereas the E-pay service makes the payment process in 2 days except weekends. So if you are using the E-pay service for your Citi bank credit card payment, then make it 2 days earlier before the due date. 

Now, you get the solution of your payments of the Citibank credit card so enjoy the reward offers and its exclusive privileges. And among its limited offer, if you refer a friend the Citibank credit card, you will earn INR 2,000.

Why HDFC Infinia Credit Card Bill Payments Are Important?

The credit card that offers you privileges with a reward feature is HDFC Infinia credit card. And the card gives you access to the credits which you won’t be able to afford at the time of need. You can use the card for emergencies such as medical or financial both. Read the given article and know how the HDFC credit card payments help you earn and save. 

Redemption of HDFC Infinia reward points!

As you know that, the HDFC Infinia user can earn 5 reward points on his payment of INR 150 and above from the card. And if you make purchase of the products from smart buy using the HDFC Infinia credit card then the rewards can be up to 10 times. With all those HDFC credit card payments, you must have earned quite points and to redeem them you don’t need to go anywhere. Just use the HDFC online service to redeem your points against vouchers, movie tickets, dining privileges, flight tickets and exciting offers.

You must know that on fuel transactions, you couldn’t earn points. The user just gets a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on a transaction of INR 400 to 1 lakh. So, if you think that you can accumulate rewards from fuel purchase, then it is not possible for you from HDFC Infinia credit card.

Does the reward programme continue after redemption?

Yes, you can earn reward points after the redemption of points also. As the benefit doesn’t stop on your card until you use it. And to keep the features continuing, you need to pay the monthly bills and credit card annual fees. HDFC Bank charges INR 10,000 annual fee from customers. An applicable GST rate of 18% is also applied to your credit card annual fees by the end of the first year. 

You need to pay the annual charge for the HDFC Infinia credit card otherwise it won’t be active for the next year. 

Make HDFC credit card payment online!

To do the payment for your HDFC Bank Infinia credit card just login to your account using your 16 digit card number. Once you have login then select the payment method by which you want to do HDFC credit card payment. What are the payment methods? The HDFC Infinia credit card payment services are mentioned below.

Debit card: You can use your HDFC or any other bank debit card to pay your credit card bills and with the help of online services you can make it possible. Just enter your debit card number and confirm the payment by re-entering your credit card number. 

Bill-desk: The user can take help of the HDFC Bank bill desk to pay their credit card bills on time and reduce the threat of low credit score and high debts. 

ECS or PDCs: With the banking payment services like ECS or cheque you can do the HDFC credit card payment on time without making any delay or due. Advantage of the ECS and PDCs is that it helps you make payment from any bank account for the credit card. 

Now, don’t stop your spending just because of the due payments, use the mentioned payment services and get your HDFC Infinia credit card benefits recharged.

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